Treatment packages:

Southern Skin City Gold Package: $199.99
Microdermabrasion, Aqua-facial, Ultrasonic Treatment, Facial of choice, Bio Lift Microcurrent, Needlefree Mesotherapy, LED Inflared Bio-Light treatment.

Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation Package: $169.99
Microdermabrasion, Light Chemical Peel, Aqua-Facial, add on Biopeptide Infusion.

Trio Package: $129.99
Microdermabrasion, Choice of Custom Facial, Light Chemical Peel.

Mini Trio Package: $99.99
Microdermabrasion, Facial, Oxygen facial mask.

Acne Package: $189.99
Aqua-Facial, Light Chemical Peel, Ultrasonic Treatment, and LED light. This package will decongest oily and clogged pores, brighten, even complexion, reduce appearance of fine lines, rejuvenate, and hydrate.


PACKAGE OF 6- $299.99
PACKAGE OF 12- $699.99

Our state of the art 'Bio-Lift Microcurrent' machine is absolutely wonderful! Using weak electric currents, it retrains your muscles to a desired location; ultimately riding the face of wrinkles, and boost the production of collagen! This procedure can be done as quickly as 45 minutes! Patients typically feel a light tingling during the actual procedure!

This procedure is often called 'The Lunchtime Face Lift'.

Bellus Medical Skin Pen Precision (Micro-Needling)

$350.00 per tx or PK 3 $950.00 or PK 6 $1650.00 Add on Neck or Decolletage $200.00


Lipo Cavitation: (3) sessions $375.00 (6) sessions $750.00 (9) sessions $1125

Lipo Cavitation can treat the following: Celluite and fat reduction, Body Contouring, Skin tightening and fat melting (where Radio Frequency is combined).

Radio Frequency: (Bipolar, Tripolar, Multipolar)

Face or Neck: (8) 15 minute sessions $540.99 (8) 30 minute sessions $990.00

Belly: (8) 30 minute sessions $990.00

Arms or Legs: (8) 60 minute sessions $1300.00

 Radio Frequency is non surgical tightening of early signs of loose or sagging skin. RF can be used on the same area in conjunction with Lipo Cavitation to aid in further fat breakdown and also tighten the skin in the same area the cavitation treatment has taken place. RF can also be used on the forehead, under eye area, cheeks, mid-face, jaw line and the neck.

Steps of Radio Frequency include: Tissue Retraction, new collagen formation and improved circulation.

Needlefree Mesotherapy or  Electro Stimulation: $59.99 for 30 minutes or package of 8 for only $400.00

Improves Cellulite, fat reduction, firms/tighten skin

Detox BodySlimming Wrap: $90- add on mini facial $150
European Inflared Blanket/Detox wrap- 30 minutes

G5 Cellutec: 30 minutes $80.00 per session

Reduces cellulite, exfoliation, detoxification, lymphatic drainage and relaxation

Other Services:

Beaming White Teeth Whitening System: (1) Treatment - $59.99, (2) Treatment(s) - $99.99, (3) Treatment(s) - $199.99
Professional teeth whitening system! Get the same results of a dentist office, cheaper!


Sclerotherapy, PRP-Twilight Special (Platelet Enriched Plasma), Labella Mineral Makeup, Laser Hair Remover, IPL,